The first step to being a slave is being attuned to your submissive nature, yourself. Unless and until you embrace and love your submission, no one else would either. The core of Femdom is about being open, vulnerable and faithful to your Mistress.

Femdom stands for Female Domination. For me personally, this means that I want to fully focus on the needs and desires of my Mistress. I try to support her whenever possible. Because I am married and have a business, there are of course some restrictions on my availability.

I want to be "Bottom" slave as much as possible. Everything happens within the agreed boundaries and there my Mistress determines everything.

I like to take care of my Mistress, sometimes she is tired or stressed or both. Sometimes she doesn't want to do anything at all for a day and I do my tasks in peace without disturbing her. My Mistress is strong, Dominant, Sadistic and very protective towards me. My job as a slave is to serve and support her, to meet her needs and desires exactly when and how she needs it.

For me, femdom is also about mutual respect, about love, about a very strong connection. The feeling that sometimes bubbles up in me when I think about how lucky I am.

I know that many people around me would be at least surprised if they knew my 2nd life. The vast majority would not get it, reject it. I notice that I have less and less contact with my "old friends", but I get many new ones in return. But I feel liberated from shame, I am very proud of what I can do for my Mistress.

Every woman deserves to have a man who meets her needs. And if he has found the right Lady, he will receive a huge wave of love and respect in return. I read Alison A. Armstrong's "Queens Code" at the suggestion of my Mistress. The book was written to help women understand that they don't have to manipulate their husbands to be treated the way they want. But also as a slave/man you can find a wealth of information here.

But for me it's the most important thing, and that's what I've learned over the past period. "I do it first and foremost for myself, because it makes me very happy." I think it can't be any other way. Love is the magic word for me and it is unconditional to my Mistress.