My Mistress.

Adore her, and above all obey.

The first time I met Miss Mercy I will never forget for the rest of my life. We had agreed to meet at a Bagels & Beans (cafe) in our hometown. I was already sitting at a table waiting for what is to come. With shaking hands and an increased heart rate I saw her enter. A beautiful blond woman with high black knee boots, black stockings, short skirt, a red blouse and a red shawl loosely over her shoulders. Really all the men in the building looked at this dazzling beauty, and it was precisely this lady who sat down at my table. Besides super nervous, I was also incredibly proud.

This above is the beginning of a fantastic adventure, a childhood dream. I owe so much to my current Mistress. The enormous patience she had with me.

My Mistress has also brought Tantra into my life. This way of life, the spiritual, the acceptance, the warm people and deep connections and a lot of love feels like a warm bath. For the first time in my life I actually feel free to let my passion, my feelings and my emotions run wild. It feels like my new "Family" where consent is the rule and I feel incredibly safe.

Miss Mercy has never told me I "Must" do anything. Usually she says "Ferdinand, I want you ............". Raise her voice at me, never....... (well) maybe twice to make a point. My surrender to her is voluntary, no coercion, no contract, no must. It is my own free will to serve my Mistress, to obey her unconditionally, to surrender completely to her whims, to be there when she needs me, but also to dissolve in air when needed. Knowing your place as a slave is very important to me.

I think it is clear that I am a very happy slave.

The range of tasks at my Mistress is quite extensive for me. Housekeeper and cleaning slave (at home and in the studio), driver, webmaster, travel companion, guinea pig, coordinator, cat sitter, assistant at workshops, but basically everything to ensure that my Mistress can focus as much as possible on what she is very good at . Fortunately, I am getting more and more help from a few very loyal slaves of my Mistress.

At the end of 2021 I was allowed to record an episode for the Dutch BDSM Podcast ′′ SinQuest ′′ together with my Mistress. (Below a link to this episode)


For my Mistress,

This is for my Mistress how I deeply love and far beyond.

This is for my Mistress how protects me not bully.

This is for the Mistress how let me feel alive again.

This is for the Mistress who teaches me in my search for my core.

This is for the Mistress who loves me for who I am.

This is for the Mistress who never yells at me.

This is for the Mistress who does not condescend but treats me with respect.

This is for the Mistress where I can enjoy her domination with great devotion.

This is for the Mistress where I may be submissive to her, which makes me intensely happy.

This is for my Mistress who brought Tantra into my life, a movement where I feel safe and accepted.

This is for my Mistress who makes me feel so proud to be her slave.

This is for my Mistress for whom our relationship is no game.

This is for my Mistress how a may serve for 24/7.

This is for my Mistress ......................................................

Thank You Miss Mercy

Your loving slave Ferdinand.