In the beginninging...... (Blog).


Most ladies love a devoted slave, and not a man with a shopping list.

In the beginning of my 'Career' at Miss Mercy, I still thought too much like a customer. If there were only tasks to do for a longer period of time and no fun things came along in between, I became restless.

Pain in my stomach, "See, you're not good enough" and "She doesn't love me at all" my ego raged against me.

A typical 'Nice Guy' belief.

After a period of almost 3 years with coaching sessions, and Tantra workshops, I have become a completely different man.

During that time I ran into my "Limiting thoughts" quite a few times. But I came out of it so much stronger, I wish this for so many other men as well.

Instead of a 'Shopping List/Wish List', my Mistress knows my hard boundaries and of course I know hers too.

In between, anything can happen that my Mistress wants/feels like happening, in every area of what happens in our relationship.

When I visit her on my regular day of the week, I have no idea how the day is going to go, "Never a dull moment".

That alone makes it a joy to go to her.

And when my Mistress is at home, she doesn't follow me with a whip. I just carry out my tasks as long as there is time, and sometimes things don't work out that way............!

Miss Mercy is sometimes not at home either, even then I like to be in her house.

The respect and love she gives makes me a very happy slave and also a happier man.