No more mister nice guy. (Book)


The book that was the beginning of my change. The book that was the impetus for me to change from "Little scared bird" to a more self-confident man.

A nice guy can be described as a man who does not think he is ok by being himself. Because of conditioning by family and society, a nice guy believes that the only way to be accepted, loved, likes, or have his needs met is by becoming who everyone else wants them to be. A man suffering from the Mr. nice guy syndrome believes that they need to hide all the traits they possess that are likely to trigger negative responses from the people around them.

The term nice guy is also used to describe a man who thinks he is entitled to a romantic relationship by virtue of being nice. According to Dr. Robert Glover, the author of the No More Mr. Nice Guy book, this entitlement forced nice guys to form covert contracts targeting their affection and often get offended when the recipient of their niceness fails to reciprocate the feelings.

The covert contracts nice guys create often become a road map for their life, which does not always result in the nice guy getting what they want. Perceived as without alternatives, the good guy keeps doing the same things, stuck in the same habits even when they are not working for his benefit.