Chastity en Pegging. (Blog)


Chastity Cage, or Chastity Device, is a horror for many men, but for me it means freedom.

I have been wearing my penis cage almost permanently since 06-03-2022. Except for two weekends when I went to a Tantra workshop, I was allowed to take it off, and a few times during a session. Otherwise only for daily hygiene.

Chastity Cage, or Chastity Cage, is a horror for many men, for me it means freedom. My cock is locked up and my wife and Mistress have the key. For me it is the ultimate surrender. It gives me a nice, affectionate, very submissive feeling. Your focus for your cock goes much more to the rest of your body. A wonderful energy starts flowing. But the best thing I have received from my Mistress for my "Chastity" is the discovery of my ass and my prostate.

I wear my cage with pride and for me this is the ultimate surrender to my Mistress.

Miss Mercy adheres to the "Not cumming practice".

I have to say that this was very difficult in the first few months, because of the bars of my cage I sometimes stroked my glans a little too long and came.

Now I still have the occasional wet dream or an accident when I'm playing with myself. But actually I don't want to "just" come anymore.

One of the most beautiful "Gifts" that I received from Miss Mercy is the unlimited cumming on my "Ass". On Twitter there is a video where my deflowering can be seen, and also heard šŸ˜Š.

There is a nice story attached to that.

A month before that event I was at a Tantra festival with Miss Mercy.

During a BDSM evening another (very pretty) Mistress had asked Miss Mercy if she could play with me.

Then she also asked my permission, talk about respect.

For me Tantra has opened up a world that I didn't know, mutual respect is normal there.

At the end of a wonderful session that I was allowed to experience with her, she whispered in my ear that she would have liked to fuck me but that Miss Mercy wouldn't let me.

When I casually asked Miss Mercy about it the next day, she pretended that she didn't care.

After my deflowering, she said with a radiant face "That's why it wasn't allowed at the festival". She wanted to do that herself.

Since then, I have been a warm supporter of "Feminine Practice" with my favorite dildo or butt plug.

Because of not coming, I also get an increasingly strong feeling of attachment to my Mistress.

And the cage is wonderful, I wouldn't want to be without it anymore. Your balls are nice and tight so that you are constantly aware of your cage, especially when walking, a wonderful feeling.

I have now tried about ten different models before I found the right one. It fits like a glove and is also almost closed.